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V/A - ...and they could be heroes CD-R

Compilation mit den Bands The Days Refrain, Durango 95, Yage, Tupamaros, The Coalfield, January Star, Slope, Swingset, That Very Time I Saw, Costas Cakehouse, Hillside, Lightsome, Engrave, Dear Diary, Forced To Decay, Hands Fall Open u. Morning Before.

Preis: EUR 5.00


V/A - Join The Teamplayer Radiospecial CD-R

Einstündiges Radiospecial. Acheborn, My Hero Died Today, Sabeth, Mine, Frodus, Cartaract, Static 84, Boy Sets Fire, Dawncore, Anthem Of The Century, Darkest Hour, The Hope Conspiracy, Everest.

Preis: EUR 3.50


Bound To Confront - Defy CD-R

Rerealese ihrer 93er 12". 4 Songs irgendwo zwischen Neurosis, Integrity u. New York Hardcore.

Preis: EUR 3.50


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